The position that made Tererê Jiu-Jitsu champion

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Tererê demonstrates hook sweep

Tererê demonstrates hook sweep at recent seminar in São Paulo. Publicity photo.

The latest issue of GRACIEMAG is especially savory for Jiu-Jitsu practitioners aiming to evolve.

One of the highlights is a tribute to one of the greatest mat aces of all times, and the ones who benefit are our readers. Fernando Tererê (Alliance), now living in England, was picked to head the Training Program section, where he shares some of the techniques that marked his career.

One of them is of course the hook sweep that brought gymnasiums to their feet all across Brazil during the last two decades.

Starting kneeling or playing guard, with hooks in place, Tererê caught everyone by surprise with his use of basic leverage.

He’d position one foot between his opponents’ legs and the otherbehind their thigh. From there, Tererê would use the hook he was using for support as leverage for the sweep. With the hand on the same side as the hook, the black belt would sink a deadly grip either on the belt or the leg, depending on the situation. He would thus use his own leg to hoist his opponent up into the air and tip him over.

Check out the position in greater detail in GRACIEMAG #179, now at a bookstore near you. And to not miss a beat in the future, get GRACIEMAG in the comfort of your own home by subscribing here.

In the meantime, refresh your memory of the position by watching Tererê using it against Rodrigo Feijão in the grand finale of the 1999 Brazilian Team Nationals in Rio.

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