Anderson Silva training with Indians: valid test or hoax?

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Anderson using Jiu-Jitsu in Xingu / Photo:

Anderson using Jiu-Jitsu in Xingu / Photo:

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva sought a different tribe with which to train. At the invitation of Globo television network, the Jiu-Jitsu black belt and masterful Thai boxer paid a visit to the Kamayurá tribe of the Xingu river basin and tested his takedown techniques in a style known as huka-huka.

The footage was shot in the state of Mato Grosso and broadcast on last Sunday’s episode of the “Esporte Espetacular” television show, and it wasn’t long before the UFC legend’s fans were voicing their suspicions. “While Anderson is fooling around, Chael Sonnen is training!” said one of the fans, watching closely the events surrounding the champ’s title defense, almost a sure thing for the June UFC in São Paulo.

Just after falling to the tribe champion, Anderson Silva paraphrased a Sir James Dewar quote, “People’s minds are like parachutes—they only function when they are open,” Silva lectured. “They have a different way of fighting, a different type of technique. They are very strong, and I really enjoyed the experience.”

The Dewar phrase, in fact, is one of the favorites of Rickson Gracie, who along with Rolls and Carlinhos Gracie would often test themselves in sambo and other styles of hand-to-hand combat.

Our gentle readers will surely agree that testing oneself is one of the grand pillars of the martial arts, as Anderson, Rickson and Bruce Lee would preach. But what did you make of Silva’s testing himself against the native Brazilians? Was it a true test, or was it just a hoax?

Another question: if Anderson hops an airplane and takes a 30-hour flight to Thailand to train over there, would anyone see it as a waste of time?

Help us get the debate going in the comments field below.

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