UFC 143: the strategy that toppled the welterweight favorite

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Condit na luta contra Diaz. Foto: Nick Laham, UFC

Condit against Diaz / Photo: Nick Laham, UFC

In the video introducing the stars of the UFC 143 main event this Saturday just before the two took to the cage in combat, Carlos Condit said, “I’m going to win because I have a much greater repertory of moves and I’m going to use all my weapons.”

Diaz retorted, “I’d like to see him hit me while walking backwards.”

Once the five rounds were up, Nick’s battered face and the scorecards from the judges proved Condit right.

Even backpedaling, he’d managed to get his arsenal to work for him and leave its mark on his opponent. In an evenly-matched encounter, that made the difference.

On the other hand, over the 25 minutes of combat, Nick was unable to string together that combination of strikes that would prove his superiority or bring the fight to a conclusive finish.

Ineffective with his potent boxing skills, all Diaz could do was resort to his brawler persona, trying to taunt his opponent into bringing the action to him.

As thought trying to influence the public and judges, Diaz wasted a lot of time showboating: dropping his guard, crossing his arms, mad-dogging his opponent between rounds.

Diaz did manage to influence the public; now the judges…

Once it was all over, Diaz’s reaction to the proclamation of his defeat was consistent with his performance: quite inelegant. “I don’t need this s%#$! I’m done with this MMA!”

Condit, on the other hand, showed the composure of a champion: “Diaz is a great fighter … It will be an honor to face Saint-Pierre,” said the interim champion of the welterweight division in his post-fight celebration.

Now ahead of Condit, an attempt at the definitive title by taking on Georges Saint-Pierre at a date yet to be determined, once the Canadian champion has recouped from injury. And next for the UFC, the February 25 event in Japan.

Check out the complete results from UFC 143:

UFC 143
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
February 4, 2012

Carlos Condit defeated Nick Diaz via unanimous decision;
Fabricio Werdum defeated Roy Nelson via unanimous decision;
Josh Koscheck defeated Mike Pierce via split decision;
Renan Barão defeated Scott Jorgensen via unanimous decision;
Ed Herman subbed Clifford Starks via rear-naked choke at 1:43 min of R2;
Dustin Poirier subbed Max Holloway via armbar from triangle 3:23 min of R1;
Edwin Figueroa defeated Alex Caceres via split decision;
Matt Brown defeated Chris Cope via KO at 1:19 min of R2;
Matthew Riddle defeated Henry Martinez via split decision;
Rafael Sapo defeated Michael Kuiper via unanimous decision;
Stephen Thompson defeated Dan Stittgen via KO at 4:13 min of 1R.

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  1. Grimsgrind at 5:14 pm

    showed his composure? He would have cried like a bitch if he lost. At least Nick will whoop his ass when they fight again, that’s all that needs to be done. Personally I would like to see him hold off and fight GSP

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