10 good reasons to compete next weekend in Houston

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The IBJJF has extended the registration period for the Houston International Open coming up next weekend in Texas.

Now you have until this Monday, February 6, to reserve your spot in the first International Open in the United States of 2012.

Scheduled for February 11-12  at the Jerabeck Activity and Athletic Center, the tournament already has some big names registered, such as JT Torres, Pablo Silva, James Harbinson, Gianni Grippo and Stephen Hall.

To help you make up your mind to get in on the action, GRACIEMAG.com has put together 10 reasons why you should be in Texas next weekend.

1. It is time to compete again

The Houston Open International is the first IBJJF tournament on US soil of the 2012 season. So you should already be missing the thrill of competing in the big arena. Here is your chance.

2. It is winter (or it is not 104 degrees outside)

Houston is known for its scalding summers, with temperatures easily reaching over 100 degrees. Knowing that, the IBJJF scheduled the tournament for the winter, so heat won’t be an issue and you will be able to focus on your opponents.

3. A good way to kick off your 2012 Worlds training camp

It may seem far now, but we are only four months from the 2012 Worlds. The Houston International can be considered the first step to test your level for the biggest gentle art competition of all. You can’t waste any time if you want to be in top shape for the Worlds.

4. It is easy to get there

Being in Houston, you don’t have the excuse of saying that it is hard to get to the championship. Houston international airport (Bush Intercontinental) is one the world’s busiest, with flights coming and going from almost everywhere at all times. Don’t miss out, and book yours now.

5. What better occasion to say, “Houston, we have a problem?”

Nobody likes to lose, and for sure nobody will be going there to be defeated, but if things don’t go your way, there isn’t a more suitable place to say the timeless phrase first uttered by Apollo 13’s Captain James Lowell in 1970 after a major malfunction on the ship.

6. And speaking of NASA, there is some sightseeing to do

NASA’s world famous Johnson Space Center is only one of the many places to visit in Houston. There is also the Museum District, the Montrose neighborhood, the Zoo and much more. So we advise you to reserve one or two days to relax after the tournament.

7. Eat like a real Texan      

A huge part of the experience of travelling anywhere is to eat the local fare. Forget about the fast food chains, and experience some real Texan food. In Houston, that means BBQ, Tex-Mex, fried chicken, fried catfish, pinto beans with cornbread, chili, tamales, and more. Just look for a good old diner and place your order.

8. Take an IBJJF medal home  

The IBJJF created the International Open circuit to make the experience of competing in a world-class tournament available to all. So don’t miss the opportunity to scribe your name in Jiu-Jitsu history .

9. Be featured on GRACIEMAG.com and in GRACIEMAG

You already know that GRACIEMAG.com and GRACIEMAG are references when it comes to the gentle art. So you can rest assured that if you do well in Houston, there is a good chance you will appear in at least one of the two.

10. It is for all family

The Houston International Open has categories that go from white belt junior to black belt senior 3. So if you train with your wife, husband, kids, grandchildren, grandparents, you can all go compete together safely and happily.

Convinced? Of course you are. Click HERE and register now!

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