How Kuiper could have escaped Rafael Sapo’s arm-and-neck choke in UFC?

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Sapo comemora a vitória, assegurada com um katagatame. Foto:  Nick Laham, UFC

Sapo celebrates victory after coming close to finishing by arm-and-neck choke. Photo: Nick Laham, UFC

When mounted by your opponent, you have to keep your cool like the “seven Jiu-Jitsu aces taught here on (click here). Out of anxiousness to get out from bottom position, a fighter may end up exposing himself and ending up in some attack, like an arm-and-neck choke, for example.

At UFC 143 this Saturday in Las Vegas, Rafael Sapo got rocked and dropped and was taking a beating on the ground but recovered, floundered his way out from bottom position, and sent Michael Kuiper sailing through the air. Now on top and in the mount, Sapo sunk an arm-and-neck choke that he maintained until the final bell. Now if Michael Kuiper has his Jiu-Jitsu game up to par, he could have escaped the hold and not needed to be saved by the bell. How? Here’s how:


Kurt Osiander is a Ralph Gracie black belt and gentle art scholar. In this video, Osiander demonstrates how the important part is to not leave your arm astray, but even if you can’t get it free, he teaches a last-ditch escape using the elbow and a slip of the hip.

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  1. Movebjjintherightdirection at 2:54 am

    Why on earth would you put this guy on the front page of your website. This is why academies are hesitant to publicise your magazine. You have videos of guys throwing f’bombs and woman half naked in gi’s. How is that going to help bjj grow to an audience beyond competitors.
    -Bjj 4 Everyone-

    • DannySharks at 7:11 pm

      Is it really necessary to be so reactionary to a single ‘bad’ word? Clearly Kurt is on here cause he is showing some great technique and has dedicated himself to spreading the art of the Gracie family. Where is the respect?

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