Jon Jones leaves 6 lessons and 1 controversy on trip to Brazil

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Jon Jones speaks to the press prior to UFC 135. Photo: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC.

Jon Jones speaks to the press prior to UFC 135. Photo: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC.

Jon “The Man” Jones got himself a special in the upcoming issue of GRACIEMAG, where the strengths (copious) and weaknesses (few) of the light heavyweight champion of the UFC are broken down and laid out. Be sure to get your hands on it as soon as it hits a bookstore near you, and to make sure you don’t miss any special reports in the future, subscribe here.

Voted the GRACIEMAG man of the year in MMA of 2011, Jones abounds with lessons. During a lively trip to Rio for the UFC 142 weekend, Jon Jones was interviewed by Brazilian journalist Ary Cunha for the Sunday edition of “O Globo” newspaper, and he also provided one good piece of controversy with Jiu-Jitsu as a theme.


“I messed up there [disquualification loss to Matt Hamill in 2009]. It was the wrong move at the wrong time; I made a mistake. But rather than getting intimidated and stop using elbows, I improved the technique. I don’t make that mistake anymore, and now elbows are my number-one weapon.”


“I always try getting the finish when I fights, using different moves, preferably the riskier ones. I know that putting on a good show for the crowd is just as important as winning.”


“Passion. Being passionate about what you do (…) You have to struggle to be the best every day.”


“I love swimming, to improve my wind.”


“It was against André Gusmão [UFC debut, in August 2008; he won by unanimous decision]. (…) I didn’t have a strategy, my technique wasn’t clean, I didn’t think much during the fight. Now I know what’s going on; I know how to read my opponent, read their body language, which I didn’t know how to do before.”


“I don’t get stressed. There are people starving, living with war, disease. I have no reason to complain, to suffer from little things. I can’t cry; I have to smile, because my worst day is a good day.”


“And last but not least: the controversy. Jones, who has been wrestling since he was 14 years old, is quoted by “O Globo” as saying, “Wrestling is a powerful weapon and cancels out Jiu-Jitsu. Good wrestlers know how to avoid getting pinned. I’ve never been pinned and never been taken down…”

Jones’s opinion deserves the utmost respect, of course. There’s no lack of wrestlers who have trained hard and managed to get around Jiu-Jitsu. Could be, though, that you, dear reader, might agree that this video here weakens the champion’s case just a bit:

What do you think, dear reader, is Jones six times right and one time wrong? Comment below.

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There are 13 comments for this article
  1. Tony at 3:36 am

    Lesnar vs Mir I, Sonnen vs Silva, GSP vs Hughes I, Couture vs Inoye…all the way back to Gracie vs Severn. Wrestlers have to learn Jiu-Jitsu in order to beat it. Never the other way around.

  2. jrp at 1:22 pm

    totally disagree, but honestly if a good wrestler learns submissions (like jake shields or gsp) it becomes a very tough fighter… Actually Bon Jones is a good example… but pure wrestling against pure bjj, I truly believe that the edge goes to bjj… just look at ADCC, the only wrestler that I remember that had success was Mark Kerr…

  3. Nealz at 8:52 am

    Only with STRIKES can it neutralize BJJ. But BJJ is still a grappling art as is wrestling and top control is always better than bottom with two evenly matched opponents.

  4. Wrestling Greco at 6:19 am

    Wrestling is better than jiu jitsu. A lot of mediocre wrestlers defeated jiu jitsu WORLD CHAMPION in MMA. ADCC is undere bjj rules and the top wrestlers in the world train wrestling and grab olympic medals, not bjj. A lot of former wrestlers compete in Grappling (FILA), that is a new style of wrestling, Gi and No-Gi.
    The most number of MMA champions (and ranking #1 in the world) in different weight classes came from WRESTLING background.
    Sherdog fight statistics (NUMBERS NOT OPINIONS), Wrestling and bjj have similar database and wrestling is better :

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