Scarlett Johansson’s got a knack for Jiu-Jitsu

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The "Black Widow" Scarlett Johansson demonstrates she has a knack for Jiu-Jitsu

Scarlett Johansson as the "Black Widow" in Iron Man 2: she'd be quite fetching in a gi, don't you thing? Photo: Paramount/publicity.

If you’ve been doing a good job of managing your time and made regular trips to the cinema, you’re surely among the dozens of millions of movie-goers who’ve seen this epic scene, where Scarlett Johansson submits a wise-cracker in the blockbuster movie “Iron Man 2”.

In preparing for her role as a sensual spy and skilled scrapper, Scarlett took to training boxing, pro-wrestling (with the help of cables for the insane flying moves), and of course MMA and Jiu-Jitsu—as it turns out, a martial art that the leading man of the movie, Robert Downey Jr., has been an enthusiast of ever since starring in “Sherlock Holmes.”


It happens that the team, having been toiling away to revamp the site to better serve you, didn’t pay that much attention to the 2010 movie based on the popular comic book character. We dropped the ball, while the heart throb landed a sweet  double attack, trapping the arm and pressuring the neck—great stuff.

There’s always time to redeem ourselves and make right, though, as the wise masters teach us.

At the 55-second mark of the video below, Scarlett pulls off the aforementioned sub. The next video down shows the bombshell in training.

“We shot the fight scenes in four days, but we spent months training for it,” recalled Scarlett at the time. “She was a strong and independent character, who reminded us women that we don’t have to always be fragile, that it’s nice to kick people’s butts every now and again. I loved it.”

Now if you, dear reader, agree that she has a knack for the sport, comment below and let us know at which school you feel she should continue her Jiu-Jitsu studies.

Any remarks like, “Today’s training is at my house!” will be promptly removed. Gawking and ogling is fine, just don’t lose your composure.

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