Minotauro back to light training

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Dórea, in foreground, with Nogueiras and team prior to UFC 140 / Personal archive photo

Twelve days after undergoing surgery on his right arm, having had it snapped by Frank Mir at UFC 140, Rodrigo Minotauro was already back to light physical training. According to his trainer Luis Dórea, the former heavyweight champion is already pedaling away on an ergometric stationary bike in the United States, where he is recovering from a surgical procedure to correct a fractured humerus.

“He’s fine, recovering. We spoke just after the operation and all is well, thank God. Now he’s taking it real slow, gradually. He’ll be back soon,” Luis Dórea told GRACIEMAG.com.

Boxing coach to the Nogueira brothers, Anderson Silva and Junior Cigano, Dórea took the opportunity to assess the waning season.

“It was a great year; the only blemish was Minotauro losing and getting hurt after practically having the fight in the bag. But it happens, and that’s the only thing keeping the year from being 100%. The rest is pure joy: Cigano’s champion, Anderson’s still champion, Rogério won his fight [Tito Ortiz] handily, Demian won; so all the athletes we worked with up close had a really productive year. And even Rodrigo had a good start to the year, winning at UFC Rio. Unfortunately there’s the blight of his last fight.”

Rodrigo shows off stitches after surgery. Publicity photo.

The teacher also added his two cents’ worth on the showdown between oversized heavyweights Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem coming up this Friday in Las Vegas. “To me the odds are split down the middle. Their tactics and techniques are different; I think the one who puts their strategy to practice first will take the lead. Both of them are strong: there’s a chance Brock can take the fight to the ground, and Overeem is a great striker; if he lands solid shots, he could very well get the knockout. It’s an evenly matched fight, very balanced; just their ways of doing things are completely different,” he said without risking a prediction.

What do you think, savvy reader, will you take a stab at it or sit on the fence? Check out the Trainees Picks and post your prediction in the comments section below.

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