The Intern’s Picks: UFC 141

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Heavyweight staredown / Photo: UFC

Trainees, as you know, are sort of like those flyweight fighters: they don’t make as much money, no one knows their names, but everyone has a lot of fun with them.

Things are no different with the trainee, as we wear a patient face in dealing with our worthy pupils, even while dishing out the most scathing of tongue-lashings.

That’s what went down this week, when the trainee, once again, asked that his predictions for this Friday’s UFC be posted.

“Shoot, boss… I nailed almost all of them for UFC 140! And nothing will make me change my mind about that ref told Minotauro to stop punching the back of Mir’s head just to get at me…” he said shamelessly.

I dunno; could be Christmas goodwill, could be madness, but here go—perhaps for the last time—the Trainees UFC 141 Picks. Send yours in to try and humiliate the smug handicapper.

UFC 141

Las Vegas, United States

December 30, 2011

Brock Lesnar vs Alistar Overeem – Prediction: Brock Lesnar

Nate Diaz vs Donald Cerrone – Prediction: Donald Cerrone

Jon Fitch vs Johny Hendricks – Prediction: Jon Fitch

Vladimir Matyushenko vs Alexander Gustafsson – Prediction: Alexander Gustafsson

Nam Phan vs Jim Hettes – Prediction: Jimy Hettes

Under card(American TV):

Ross Pearson vs Junior Assunção – Prediction: Ross Pearson

Anthony Njokuani vs Danny Castillo – Prediction: Anthony Njokuani

Under card (live on Facebook)

Dong Hyun Kim vs Sean Pierson – Prediction: Dong Hyun Kim

Jacob Volkmann vs Efrain Escudero – Prediction: Jacob Volkmann

Matt Riddle vs Luis Ramos – Prediction: Luis “Beição” Ramos

Manny Gamburyan vs Diego Nunes – Prediction: Diego Nunes

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