Take Anderson, Cigano, Brock, Vitor & Shogun home with you

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A promise to readers is a commitment, and GRACIEMAG.com, in partnership with Sony Music, has put together an offer MMA lovers will relish.

This time the prize is an official “Ultimate Knockouts 8” DVD, with 30 fights featuring demolition men Junior Cigano, Mauricio Shogun, Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, Josh Koscheck, Cain Velasquez, Vitor Belfort, Brock Lesnar and others, not to mention spectacular bonus scenes.

To win, all you have to do is respond to the following question: Which UFC fight made the biggest impression on you, the one from which you learned the most?

The winning answer doesn’t have to be the quickest, so put some thought into it.

To make things easier, all you have to do is type your answer into the comments field below. Since readers came down pretty hard on our pick for the last offer, a UFC star will help designate the winner.

Dig deep in your memory, send us your answer, and keep your fingers crossed! We’ll post the results once the GRACIEMAG Facebook page hits 11,000 likes, so head over there to help speed things up.

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  1. elliott moore at 9:32 pm

    ufc 112 silva v. maia. maia went for broke, even though he knew the match was lost. he attacked standing up, on the ground, and even from his knees. silva still would not engage. who knows what was going on in their heads, but this is my favorite fight (about 45 seconds of it) because it says to me, ‘the fight is not going my way, but i have time to change the outcome in my favor. this can’t go to the judges or i will lose. i have to finish this.’ most fighters don’t think what they DON’T have to lose when the fight has 2 minutes left and all of the judges’ scores say you are not the winner. i am probably the only person on earth that would say this is my favorite fight but it is and it gets me ready for war!!!

  2. Ufcmm at 6:41 pm

    The UFC fight that made the biggest impression on me was Jose Aldo vs. Mark hommonick. This fight made a big impression on me, how mark homminick was getting battered, and he kept fighting through it, he never gave up, that is what i learned from that fight.

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