Minotouro and “efficient position” between four walls

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Minotouro / Photo: UFC

After taking out Tito Ortiz in the UFC, Rogério “Minotouro” Nogueira put in an appearance on Brazilian cable channel Sexy Hot.

Among the confessions to be revealed when the show airs on January 21, he tells talk show host Rossana Freire why they avoid sex in the lead-up to a fight, what he looks for in women, and even addresses some steamy finishes.

Replying to a question about what does or doesn’t count in bed, Minotouro was blunt:

“Anything goes, right? Between four walls you need creativity, cumplicity and to innovate with toys, playfulness, lots of things. To make good love, you have to use your head.” The fighter also spoke of his favorite bedtime move, the “mata-leoa”. But he wouldn’t reveal how it goes. “It’s a surprise. I can’t talk about it, to arouse curiosity.”

Now Mintauro spoke of how the ring has been the setting for some intimate moments. “I had a ring at my house. I made love there a few times,” he confesses. But no hanky-panky before a fight: “I don’t like doing it [before a fight]. I’ve done it a few times in my life, but I fight a lot better when I don’t. You exchange a great deal of energy with a person. It’s a vital energy that can produce a life, so it wears you out, not to mention how it affects your concentration. I prefer being more tense, more nervous. I don’t want to go into a fight relaxed.”

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