Roger Gracie ends year with seven new black belts

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GMA member Roger Gracie had a memorable graduation ceremony last December 10th.

The leader of Roger Gracie Academy, in different locations in trhe UK, graduated no less than seven new black belts.

One of them was also GMA member Kev Capel, leader of Roger Gracie Buckinghamshire.

Roger and his father Mauricio Gomes have been working in the UK for a decade now.

Congrats to all.

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 There was a grading at RGA on 10th of december, at which Roger promoted 7 new blackbelts, here is a shot of the balckbelts that
have been promoted over the years, Mauricio and Roger have been building a very steady work for over a decade. expanding all over the country and
developing BJJ in a very positive way.

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