Between a doctorate and his family, Café wins again

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Café didn't let up on anyone and took home the trophy. Personal archive photo.

Alexandre “Café” Dantas returned and didn’t return to competition Jiu-Jitsu.

The Gracie Barra black belt, who early in the century shone bright in numerous different champions, added another trophy to his mantel by winning an annual event held in the town of Miguel Pereira.

He got that itch to don his gi, and he did so and won the absolute. But that still didn’t excite him enough to want to compete in 2012.

“I had three matches and won all three on points, without a single advantage point scored against me. It was really great to compete after having been away for so long; the adrenaline of competition is exhilarating,” Café told Dantas has two UFC fights under his belt, losing to Yuki Kondo and Gan McGee in 2000 and 2003, respectively.

“I’m still training in my gi, but as an eternal hobby. I don’t intend to compete in 2012; there days it’s really competitive – I have to teach class, work as a lawyer, finish my doctorate in international relations, and still be a good father and husband,” he says. “To be a champion of champions, besides having refined technique you have to dedicate yourself to it full time.”

Copa Café 2012 gather over 200 athletes, according to the promoters, from academies like Kioto, Sparta, Gracie Barra Miguel Pereira, Game Fight, Gracie Ipanema, Brasa, Gracie Barra, Kasulo, Gracie Humaitá and Nova União, with fighters from white to black belt.

At blue belt, Igor Esteves Pessoa (Gracie Ipanema) won the absolute. At brown, Alexandre “Gigante” (Game Fight) reigned supreme at open weight. And at black belt, Jean “Buiú” (Gracie Barra Miguel Pereira) was the absolute winner.

Café beat Antonio Inácio (Gracie Humaitá), Ivanilson “Menor” (Gracie Barra Miguel Pereira) and “Manchinha” (Sparta). The video of the match between Alexandre Café (GB) and Antonio Inácio can be watched below, albeit with poor lighting. Check it out:

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