Pé de Chumbo and Diego Braga to fight Christmas Eve

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Pé de Chumbo at the now-defunct IFL, in the USA / GRACIEMAG.com archive photo

While the kids anxiously await their Christmas presents, MMA fans will be treated to another installment of Celeiro Combate, a fighting event promoted by Cesário Figueiredo, a student of Claudio Coelho and boxing coach to UFC fighter Rafael dos Anjos.

On the coming 23rd, Celeiro Combate makes it to its fifth show featuring MMA, Thai boxing and boxing, with athletes of the caliber of Diego Braga (Team Nogueira) and Délson Pé de Chumbo (Gracie Fusion) facing off with Fabiano Hollyfield (Senna) and Araripe Boi (Paraná VT), respectively.

Another well-known fighter to fight at the event is Leonardo “Tangerina” (Gordo Evolve), who takes on Helias “Mikey” (BPT Comat).

Celeiro Combate will be held at Zero Grau in Freguesia, Jacarepagua, Rio de Janeiro, and is set to begin at 7 pm.

“We expect the best. The organization of the event and the card gets better every time, and we hope a good crowd comes to watch the fights,” said Figueiredo, adding that they already have a date for the event to follow the Christmas show, “We’ll put on the sixth show at Fundição Progresso in Rio, and the card will be of the highest level,” he adds.

Celeiro Combate 5
Espaço Zero Grau, Freguesia, Jacarepaguá, Rio
December 23, 2011

Delson Pé de Chumbo (Gracie Fusion) vs Araripe Boi (Parana VT);

Diego Braga (Team Nogueira) vs Fabiano Holyfield (Senna)

Leonardo Tangerina (Gordo Evolve) vs Helias “Mikey” Figueiredo (BPT Combat)

Richard Medeiros (Nikolai MT/Delfim) vs Leandro “Shaolin” de Sousa (Vander Valverde)

Marcio Moreira (Gordo Evolve) vs Jonas “Cyborg” (BPT Combat)

Fabiano Cruz (Celeiro da Luta) vs Aluizio dos Santos (BPT Combat)

Silvio da Silva (Celeiro da Luta) vs Gabriel Barreira (Caverna)

Muay Thai

Pedro Liseu dos Santos (Top Brother) vs Clécio Chará (Tropa Thai)

Rafael Apocalipse (Nikolai MT) vs Igor Luiz (Vander Valverde)


Claudinho (Celeiro da Luta) vs opponent to be announced

Rafael Lopes (Celeiro da Luta) vs opponent to be announced

Luan Vinicius (Celeiro da Luta) vs opponent to be announced

André Pereira (Celeiro da Luta) vs opponent to be announced

Lucas Gaspar (Celeiro da Luta) vs opponent to be announced

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