Kev Capel receives the black belt

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Maurição, Capel, Roger

GMA member Kevin Capel has completed another stage of his Jiu-Jitsu learning proccess.

On December 10th, the leader of Roger Gracie Buckinghamshire was awarded the black belt from no other than Roger Gracie himself.

Capel had a few words about it: “I started training with Mauricio Gomes[Roger’s father] 11 years ago, today was a good day. now, I plan to look forward to competing at black belt and concentrating on coaching my team at Rga Bucks”.

The GMA community congratulates Capel for his amazing accomplishment.

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  1. Can S at 2:44 am

    Brilliant: well done, Kev! RGA Bucks is also an excellent school. I’ve trained at many different clubs over the last five years, but rate RGA Bucks as one of the best, thanks to Kev’s patient, experienced and honest teaching style.

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