Frank Mir wants Overeem’s spot against Brock

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Photo: UFC

Following his come-from-behind submission over Minotauro in the Ultimate Fighting Championship this Saturday, Frank Mir may already be set to fight in three weeks’ time. Alistair Overeem failed to pass the pre-fight banned-substances test and may be pulled from his fight against Brock Lesnar in the UFC 141 main event.

Although Dana White has yet to confirm the news, Frank Mir was quick to bring it p.

“If the rumors you’re hearing are true, I wouldn’t mind substituting Overeem against Brock. I’m really healthy and three weeks isn’t too little time to prepare. I only fought for three minutes, so I’m feeling great. My wife might not be to thrilled because of Christmas but she’ll understand,” said Mir, who touched on his submission over Minotauro.

“Minotauro is a Jiu-Jitsu black belt, probably the best heavyweight finisher of all times; you know when you’re caught, you have to give up. You know you have to tap out. I had a strong feeling he wouldn’t give up, so I took a deep breath and you saw what happened.”

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  1. Ludus at 3:01 pm

    You deserve that spot Frank, and you are very right about Minotauro, he wont be fighting anytime soon, because he didnt wanted to tap. That was very dumb and im sad for him. Good luck with Brock!

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