Terêncio teaches IBJJF’s rules seminar in Mexico

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GMA member André Terêncio was in Mexico City, on December 2nd-3rd, for a IBJJF’s rules seminar.

The leader of Brazil 021 Team, who is also one of IBJJF’s referee directors taught a clinic on the rules changes that will be effective next January.

He was welcomed by fellow GMA member Mario Delgado, the Mexican Jiu-Jitsu Federation President.

He talked about the experience:”The clinic gathered over 30 people hungry for knowledge on the rules of the fastest growing sport in the world. The day after the clinic, I directed the refereeing of an event with 630m athletes.”

The 2012 european Open will be the first IBJJF event with the new rules.

For more info, go to brazil021.com

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