Sonnen sports Palmeiras jersey and promises the belt to goalkeeper Marcos

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Ever the more bellicose, Chael Sonnen resorted to using some nasty tactics in getting under his arch enemy’s skin: he put on the official jersey of Brazilian soccer club Palmeiras, the crosstown rival of the team that sponsors Anderson Silva and of which he is a lifelong fan–Corinthians. The big-talking fighter recorded a video decked in the São Paulo club’s traditional green jersey.

“Palmeiras, Chael Sonnen here from the USA. I want to congratulate you guys on an awesome season,” Sonnen began, speaking directly to the team and its fans, before promising Palmeiras’s long-time goalkeeper, Marcos, that he will get to wear the UFC world title next year.

In order for Sonnen to get his shot at the belt and keep his promise to Marcos, though, he’ll have to get past Mark Muñoz at UFC on FOX 2 on January 28 in Chicago first.

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  1. FailSonnen at 4:45 pm

    seems like he’s trying to get at least a few Brazilians in his corner for a fight he’ll probably never see….

    Munoz will smash him.

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