South American: Faria absolute

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The male black belt and female brown/belt champions of the South American Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2011 were defined last Sunday, and Bernardo Faria was the great champion.

In a tense fight, the Alliance fighter won by ​​7 × 4 over Antonio Braga Neto to get the absolute black and win a ticket to Lisbon for the European contest in 2011, at the end of January.

Braga Neto started better in the fight, attacking with an omoplata and applying a sweep. Faria tied with a take-down and then passed the guard. Braga scored with a sweep, but Bernando closed the battle with another sweep.

At the end, Braga Neto lost his temper and swore at the opponent, which earned him some boos from the audience.

The other ticket to Lisbon, drawn out among the black belt and brown/black belt champions, was taken by David Helms (Atos JJ), featherweight champion.

In the brown belt, great performance by Felipe “Preguiça” Pena, a student of Draculino and Romulo Barral. The fighter had eight fights between weight and absolute, ending the fight in five of them. Last Sunday, Pena scored ​​14 x 0 in the finals to secure the second gold.

In the purple belt, highlight to João Miyao. The featherweight disallowed heavier opponents and reached the top of the podium in the open. Along with his brother Paulo, the two got three golds back to Cicero Costha academy in São Paulo, where they live.

In the other categories of black and brown/black, the champions were:


Marcus Adriano (GB) x Leandro Luiz da Silva (Checkmat)

Leandro took the title after Marcus was disqualified for crossing the leg over the opponent’s knee.


Francielio da Costa (Alliance) x Erick Raposo (Soul Fighters)

Fabio Gurgel’s student debuted in the black belt with the title in unanimous decision after 2 x 2 tie in points and advantages.


David Lemes (Atos JJ) x Cristyan Martins (Nova União)

A sweep and a ticket guaranteed the 5 x0 by David Lemes, a pupil of Claudio Calasans Jr.


Gabriel Goulart (Alliance) x Vinícius Marinho (GFT)

Vinicius Marine accumulated sweeps to make 6 x 0 over Gabriel.


Luis Gustavo Lima (Alliance) x Vinícius Corrales (GFT)

In a balanced combat, a sweep more guaranteed the 4 x 2 score and the title to Corrales.

Light Heavy

Rodrigo Fajardo (GB) x Pedro Regis Mello (G. Fpolis)

In another fight with a little movement, Fajardo won by 2 x 0 with a sweep.


Alan Regis de Assis (GB) x Nivaldo Lima (Checkmat)

Nivaldo Lima was superior all the time and scored 6 x 0 easily.

Super Heavy

André Campos (GB) x Bernardo Faria (Alliance)

Faria imposed his condition of world champion and won by 14 x 0.


Henrique Marcos (N. União) x Thiago R. Souza (Behring)

With Braga Neto out by WO, Thiago Reinaldo did not miss the chance and submitted Henry with a kimura.


Bernardo Faria (Alliance) x Antônio Braga Neto (Ralph Gracie)

Bernardo scored 7 x 4 over Braga.



Angélica Vieira (Atos JJ) – the only registered fighter.


Marília Vieira (BSB) x Lauriane Mendes (CM System)

Lauriane streched Marília’s arm.


Leticia Segueto (Checkmat) – the only registered fighter.

Light Heavy

Gisele Moreira (G. Fpolis) – the only registered fighter.


Andressa Correa (Alliance) x Luzia Fernandes (GB)

Andressa imposed the pace and scored 10 x 5 over Luzia.


Andressa Correa (Alliance) x Luzia Fernandes (GB)

In the response, Andressa was even more efficient and submitted with a choke within the guard.

Results by Team:


1. Gracie Barra

2. Alliance

3. Nova União


1. Alliance

2. Gracie Barra

3. CM Systems


1. BTT

2. Alliance

3. Nova União

Master & Senior

1. Gracie Humaitá

2. Gracie Barra

3. Ataque Duplo / Sul JJ

White Belt (Newcomers)

1. Nova União

2. Ataque Duplo / Sul JJ

3. Michel Maia JJ



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