Copa Pódio: Lightweight GP publishes brackets and rules

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Sponge Bob: CheckMat Paraíba athlete has been training with Ricardinho Vieira in Rio since November, and is one of the favorites. Publicity photo.

The rules and initial matchups for the December 17 Copa Pódio in Porto Alegre have been released. Part of the novelty of the event is that fans will be given a table to fill out over the course of the contest.

The 20 fights in the first stage will last 20 minutes, while the duration for the opening match, semifinals and finals will be 10 minutes, with a special rule: no points will be counted during the first five minutes.

For next year, the organization is putting together a middleweight GP. Athletes Guto Campos (Guetho) and Augusto Tio Chico (Renzo Gracie), who are in the event opener, have already guaranteed a place as seeds, according to event organizer, Jeferson Maycá.

Check out below who fights who in Copa Pódio:

19:15 Opening Guetho/Atos (Guto Campos) Renzo Gracie (Tio Chico)
19:30 Green GFTeam (Denilson Pimenta) Atos (Ed Ramos)
19:38 Green Cícero Costha (Leandro Lo) Alliance (Moacir Mendes Jr.)
19:46 Yellow Checkmat (Bob Esponja) Soul Fighters (Vinicius Marinho)
19:54 Yellow Nova União (Eduardo Pessoa) BTT (Leonardo Cascão)
20:02 Green Cícero Costha (Leandro Lo) Lloyd Irvin (JT Torres)
20:10 Green Alliance (Moacir Mendes Jr) Atos (Ed Ramos)
20:18 Yellow Nova União (Eduardo Pessoa) Gracie Barra (Caloquinha)
20:26 Yellow Soul Fighters (Vinicius Marinho) BTT (Leonardo Cascão)
20:34 Green Alliance (Moacir Mendes Jr) GFTeam (Denilson Pimenta)
20:42 Green Atos (Ed Ramos) Lloyd Irvin (JT Torres)
20:50 Yellow BTT (Leonardo Cascão) Checkmat (Bob Esponja)
20:58 Yellow Soul Fighters (Vinicius Marinho) Gracie Barra (Caloquinha)
21:06 Green Atos (Ed Ramos) Cícero Costha (Leandro Lo)
21:14 Green Lloyd Irvin (JT Torres) GFTeam (Denilson Pimenta)
21:22 Yellow Soul Fighters (Vinicius Marinho) Nova União (Eduardo Pessoa)
21:30 Yellow Gracie Barra (Caloquinha) Checkmat (Bob Esponja)
21:38 Green Lloyd Irvin (JT Torres) Alliance (Moacir Mendes Jr.)
21:46 Green GFTeam (Denilson Pimenta) Cícero Costha (Leandro Lo)
21:54 Yellow Gracie Barra (Caloquinha) BTT (Leonardo Cascão)
22:02 Yellow Checkmat (Bob Esponja) Nova União (Eduardo Pessoa)
22:30 Fight 1 1st place of Green Group 2nd place of Yellow Group
22:45 Fight 2 1st place of Yellow Group 2nd place of Green Group
23:00 3rd PLACE Loser of the fight 1 Loser of the fight 2
23:15 FINAL Winner of the fight 1 Winner of the fight 2


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