Bernardo already thinks about 2012, but still fights in Brazil

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Bernardo in Manaus finals, against Igor Silva. Photo: Carlos Ozório.

Champion of Manaus Trials for the World Professional Championship, Bernardo Faria warns: “My season isn’t over.  I’m still fighting in the South American competition, in Floripa”.

Bernardo is sort of relieved though, as he now has the ticket and accommodation in the WPJJ main event, in Abu Dhabi, in April. Right after the victory, the black belt commented:

“I’m very satisfied. I came to be the champion, to be relieved soon, with the ticket in hand. I’ve been in three fights. At the finals, against Igor (Silva), my strategy was to not let him close his guard at all! I was taken down, but because he didn’t close his guard, it was worth it”.

In the fighting scene, Manaus is known for its excellence in Jiu-Jitsu. To make things even more difficult for the outsiders, according to Bernardo, the city has some peculiarities that hinder those who aren’t used to it.

“It has a good and a bad side.  The good thing is you don’t need to warm up between the fights, you stay warm! The bad thing is, because of the heat, you get much more tired and you can’t get loose that much during the fight, you have to control yourself a little.  Here the temperature is higher than normal. But it was very nice.”

The Alliance fighter still fights this year, but the end of the season is near. Bernardo comments on his plans for 2012.

“I have already achieved many dreams, but next year I wanna the absolute gold, which is the desire of every athlete, after all. I’ve reached the finals, I won the Pan and the Brazilian absolutes, so I want the Mundial absolute. When you shoot for the moon, if you miss, at worst, we stay among the stars. I’ll keep shooting! I have the concern to train like crazy and the goal of becoming an example for future generations,” says Faria.

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