Cigano a black belt?

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Cigano / Photo: UFC

In a recent interview on Brazil’s “Sensei SporTV” martial arts show, Yuri Carlton, new UFC heavyweight champion Junior Cigano’s first grappling coach, stated that, with the title belt in his hands, Junior is worthy of a promotion to black belt.

A natural born knockout artist, for anyone who doesn’t know, Cigano got his start in the martial arts through Jiu-Jitsu. And anyone thinking the champion doesn’t know his way around on the ground couldn’t be more wrong. For example, during a friendly sparring session before Cigano had even made it into the UFC, he completely annihilated this reporter!

“I always trained a lot of Jiu-Jitsu, but playing guard really was one of my weaknesses. These days things are quite different. I’m much better at the guard and I attack a lot, when before I’d just defend. I always pick up pointers from people proven in this area. The more information the better. This way my game keeps getting better and better,” said the fighter in a recent GRACIEMAG interview.

So in the end, does or doesn’t Cigano deserve a promotion? Check out the champion in action in the video below:

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