The GMA arrives in Luxembourg

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The gentle art’s largest association has entered yet another country.

The GMA has just added a new member in Luxembourg, in Europe.

Cavalcanti Jiu-Jitsu Luxembourg is the newest member of our team.

The academy is led by Mike ‘Miketo’ Resch, a student under also GMA member Ricardo Cavalcanti.

Miketo is into martial arts since he was a teenager and discovered Jiu-Jitsu through Cavalcanti.

Welcome to Cavalcanti Luxembourg!

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  1. Mike 'Miketo' Resch at 12:46 pm

    Big Thanks to GMA for their support!
    We are proud to be your newest member!

    Best Regards and Greetings from Luxembourg/Europe

    Mike ‘Miketo’ Resch
    Cavalcanti Jiu Jitsu Luxembourg

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