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The latest issue of your Jiu-Jitsu and perseverance manual, GRACIEMAG, is worth the wait.

Packed with exclusive coverage and quality that set it apart from its competitors, GRACIEMAG is hitting bookstores and better academies across the planet with articles enriched with a plethora of lessons for practitioners of all belts.

In the ADCC 2011 exclusive from England, we didn’t limit ourselves to highlighting the feats of André Galvão, who had to get past Pablo Popovitch, Rousimar Toquinho, Sérgio Moraes and other hard-nosed competitors in making it to the top of the podium. We addressed all that plus the reason André had been out of the Jiu-Jitsu and MMA scene, how he put together his training routine, and what he wants out of his career now that he has conquered his biggest No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu title to date.

The coverage of the always enticing ADCC reveals why this year’s event can be considered the most technical since its maiden installment, in 1998, and tells all there is to know about the no-gi champs, as well as giving the lowdown on the war between Gabi and Hannette with a 47-kg (103-lb) weight difference between them, the move Kyra used to submit her rival Michelle Nicolini, the positives Léo Vieira took from the tourney after placing runner-up to the always spectacular Marcelo Garcia, how Dean Lister overcame Rodolfo Vieira and other stories.

That’s not all the issue has in store for you. There’s special coverage on the No-Gi Pan in New York. And the gi got its due representation as well, with the most striking scenes from the American Nationals, the London Open and the US Open.

In INTRO, another 10 tips for white belts, how Carlos Gracie Jr. reacted to a mugging in Brazil, the first Russian black belt in Jiu-Jitsu, and further warmup tips in Ginástica Natural.

In CHOKE, articles breaking down all the goings-on in MMA at the moment, with no beating around the bush or official spins. This month, Carlos Ozório takes on the issue: is boxing winning in MMA? Are they pursuing knockouts more than they are the ground game? CHOKE calls readers in for the debate.

Also in CHOKE, profiles of King Mo and the latest Hawaiian making his mark in the UFC. Don’t miss it!

In Training Program, GRACIEMAG treats you to new traps for catching your training partners unawares, with lightweights Adriano Nasal and Leandro Lo heading the lessons.

Now Martin Rooney gives you homework to do if you want to become more explosive, something vital for upping the level of your training and competition.

In ANTHOLOGY, the last time Carlos Gracie Jr. took to the mats to compete – and what we learned from him. Derive your own lessons from GRACIEMAG 176. Subscribe to your favorite magazine here!

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