Pelé wins, accepts rematch with Macaco

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Pelé is back. Publicity photo.

This Friday at the Gigantinho gymnasium in Porto Alegre, Brazil, marked the maiden Kumite MMA Combate event, and the crowd that gathered for the spectacle wasn’t disappointed by what they saw.

A big name from the early days of MMA, José Pelé Landy entered the cage at 38 years of age and showed he’s still got it. The kickboxing stylist weathered an early storm in the first round but recovered by the second, when he landed elbows that opened a gash on his opponent Samuel Quito’s forehead. Quita was barred from continuing by the ringside doctors.

During his post-fight interview, Pelé was caught off guard by a video on the big screen with Jorge Patino “Macaco” calling him out for yet another rematch. Pelé didn’t blink, and promptly accepted. “Macaco, you haven’t got what it takes,” said Pelé, taunting the fighter, who he beat on their two prior encounters. The fight is now set for December, at the second Kumite MMA Combate event, where Daniel Acácio versus Ryo Chonan will also feature on the card.

Daniel Acácio, who is seeing some of the best performances of his career, made easy work of “Zezão Trator.” The CM System representative landed a takedown and later a hook that caused “Trator’s” legs to buckle. Acácio followed up with hammer fists until the referee broke up the fight.

Eduardo “Cachorrão” brought the pressure on Raul Jimenez, swiftly getting an early takedown. On the ground, Jimenez showed he knows his Jiu-Jitsu by launching some armbar attacks that “Cachorrão” did well to defend. Cachorrão then continued with ground and pound, passed guard, mounted, and continued raining down fists, until Jimenez turned on all fours and tapped to a rear-naked choke. “The guy’s tough, he accepted a fight with me today,” said Cachorrão in praise.

Now the female fight of the night was on par with those of the men. The game Jennifer Maia showed grit in refusing to tap out to a tight armbar from Vanessa Porto. Seasoned UFC referee Mario Yamasaki stepped in to protect her physical integrity.

Check out the complete results:

Kumite MMA Combate
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
October 28, 2011

Jose Pelé Landy defeated Samuel Quito via doctor’s intervention in R2;
Daniel Acacio defeated Zezão Trator via technical knockout in R2;
Carlos Eduardo “Cachorrão” submitted Raul Jimenez (Ecuador) via rear-naked choke in R1;
Julio Cesar Jamanta defeated Grzegorz Szatkowski (Poland) via technical knockout in 2R;
Vanessa Porto submitted Jennifer Maia via armbar in R2;
Edcarlos Monstro submitted Dirlei Mão de Pedra via triangle in R1;
Sebastian Latorre submitted Douglas de Andrade via rear-naked choke in R1;
Cylderlan Porco Loco submitted Bruno Jacaré via rear-naked choke in R2;
Alex Coruja submitted Arlei Simetti via arm-and-neck choke in R1;
Jonas Bueno submitted Adriano Nascimento via rear-naked choke in R1;
Willian Coelho submitted Estevão Beninca via armbar in R1.

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