Robson Moura releases new belt-requirements DVD

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As prolific at producing instructional videos as he is at winning titles, seven-time world champion Robson Moura’s latest addition to his extensive collection of DVDs is packed with information pertinent to beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

In this latest five-DVD series, the fourth-degree Jiu-Jitsu black belt takes you through his requirements for the fundamental gi techniques and knowledge his students learn as they progress from white through brown belt. Each DVD covers specific moves, positions, escapes, sweeps, drills and more, all demonstrated by Moura himself. Furthermore, he offers his insight on play Jiu Jitsu vs. fight Jiu Jitsu, why tapping is important, and his insider take on his team, Nova União.

The DVDs are designed to show the minimum of what practitioners should know at each belt level – while delivering technical instruction highlights. The fifth DVD, Jiu Jitsu Strategy, combines a series of interviews on topics such as dealing with a bully in class, working with new students, and getting past plateaus, with additional interactive teaching sessions on specific positional strategies and responses.

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