Statements from press conference led by Chael Sonnen

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Photo: UFC

Two title fights were the focus of attention in the octagon at UFC 136 last night. But there’s no denying that at the post-event press conference, where UFC president Dana White tends to lead the ceremonies, Chael Sonnen stole the spotlight, dispensing his customary provocations.

Just after his fight, still in the octagon, Sonnen cursed Anderson Silva and called him out for Superbowl weekend.

“Everyone and probably Anderson will want this fight,” said Dana White.

Chael doesn’t discard the possibility of retirement, should he not make good on his promise to win. He also makes it clear he is the current middleweight champion, forgetting that he tapped out in the waning moments of his fight with the “Spider” when they fought, after having dominated the five rounds.

“I’m the middleweight champion and I defended my title for the first time today. I’m going to give Anderson a chance to challenge for the real title. That piece of medal around his waist isn’t worth a thing,” he said.

Although Sonnen tends to speak ill of the gentle art, when asked by about his winning using Jiu-Jitsu, he stated, “I’m not crazy, I don’t underestimate things.”

And when GRACIEMAG asked Dana White whether there’s a possibility of Anderson vs. Sonnen happening in Brazil, of which Sonnen has made disparaging statements in the past, White replied, “I want Sonnen alive! If it happens, it happens in Las Vegas.”

In the end, even Vitor Belfort wasn’t spared: “Tell him to meet me in the hotel in 30 minutes, I need him to carry my bags,” said Sonnen, in the following video.

Aldo and Edgar / Photo: UFC

Besides Anderson vs. Sonnen, Frankie Edgar was also the center of attention after his rally-back win over Gray Maynard, maintaining his lightweight belt. According to White, Edgar isn’t the best pound for pound fighter because Anderson Silva is in his way. The way White sees it, Frankie is second on the list, ahead even Georges St-Pierre. Dana also said that what Edgar did was amazing and that he perhaps has the best boxing of the UFC. And it wasn’t long before reporters brought up the possibility of Edgar facing José Aldo, who sat by his side, as it is generally accepted the lightweight champ has a featherweight frame.

“If Frankie Edgar wants to drop to challenge José Aldo at featherweight, he’ll have to give up the lightweight belt,” responded White.

“I’m the champion,” Edgar replied, “I don’t know why I’d change weight classes,” admitting that a fight with Strikeforce champion Gilbert Melendez made more sense.

José Aldo skirted the question of whether he might fave Edgar ahead of him, saying, “The ones who decide that are the UFC and my trainers.”

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