Kayron’s slide to armbar in Pan absolute

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The No-Gi Pan last weekend in New York cemented Davi Ramos’s place as a force to be reckoned with in the absolute division, which also featured other memorable contests at the tourney, like those involving  Kayron Gracie, Caio Terra and Daniel Tavares.

Kayron, the winner of the medium heavyweight division, caught everyone off guard by signing up at the last minute, even without training for the event, and snapping up a gold medal and silver in the absolute. He also treated the crowd to submissions like this one, in the open weight class. Watch and learn.

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  1. Timothy at 2:12 pm

    If more BJJ practitioners would work on the dynamics (explosiveness) of a takedown it might change an entire outcome. Kayron was on his heels the whole time like he was snatching weight.

  2. Mark at 6:52 pm


    Your performance at the Pan No Gi was inspirational. You are an example for others to follow. Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing you competing again soon!!!

  3. Fhysiotherapist at 8:04 am

    Amazingly Gracie Kayron
    Just leave a post injury
    What happened in 2011 event organized by Samurai Fabricio Verdun
    Kayron not fought nor the 2011 Pan American World and IFBB
    If training was not trained well imagine …
    He’s coming back now and promises

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