Royce seminar, belt ceremony at Gracie Miami

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Guilherme, Pedro, Joaquim Valente

It’s still far away but the first week of December should be one for the books at GMA member school Gracie Miami.

The Valente Brothers will host a one of a kind Royce Gracie seminar on December 5th.

It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn direct from the man who shocked the world at the first UFCs and influenced so many to begin their lives in Jiu-Jitsu.

If you are interested, call 305-354-2060 or email to

The cost is US$ 100 and Guilherme Valente just confirmed to the presence of Grand Master Pedro Valente Sr., recently graduated to the red belt.

To make the occasion a perfect one, on December 7th will take place the winter belt ceremony at Gracie Miami.

Here is a video of what happened in 2010.

For more info, go to


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