Gracie Barra Instructors Certification Program coming up

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There’s a major event on the horizon for instructors in the Gracie Barra organization. The next round of the Gracie Barra Instructor Certification Program is just around the corner, going from October 10 to December 31. The purpose of the program is to promote quality Jiu-Jitsu instruction worldwide and keep all the instructors in the association of schools on the same page.

As GB headmaster Carlos Gracie Jr. explains, “This program will be an awesome venue for aligning our teaching practices and promoting the high standards we’ve set for our schools, instructors and students. It is one of the greatest opportunities to get up to date on the most recent developments in our teaching methods.”

The GB Instructor Certification Program is free of cost and already open for registration. But there’s a participant-cap of 100, so you’d better rush if you want to get dibs on the opportunity. Click here for further details and to be one of the lucky few.

And check out this month’s Gracie Barra newsletter here.

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