ADCC Blog: Jaca and Bráulio swap diatribes

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They’ll only really be face to face on the afternoon of Saturday, September 24, when the winner of the absolute contest at ADCC 2009 takes to the mat to face off with the winner of the supermatch at that very event in Barcelona, to bring a close to competition day one at the 2011 installment.

However, Bráulio Estima and Ronaldo Jacaré have already set about kindling the fire of a rivalry from way back, from their Jiu-Jitsu days.

While there are still two weeks to go till they exchange their first shoves and pummels, the verbal battle has already begun.

Rush to the GRACIEMAG at ADCC Blog to get up to date on all the commotion in the build-up to the ADCC 2011 supermatch.

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