A given Monday in NYC with GSP, Roger, Renzo, Barral, Gregor…

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The two o’clock training session, which brings John Danaher’s Monday class to a close at Renzo Gracie academy in NY, is already well known for always being packed and grueling.

But today it was more packed than usual.

While Roger Gracie and Rômulo Barral were locked in combat, Gregor Gracie and Georges Saint-Pierre tangled nearby. Renzo was warming up so he could get the next roll with Barral and then catch Roger at the end of the session. David Branch, Bruno Tostes and a number of other amateur and professional athletes added color to the scene, a portrait of which can be seen in the exclusive images GRACIEMAG.com snapped and posted below.

It’s worth asking, dear reader: If you were nearby when a roll between Roger and Barral was about to begin, or a grapple session between GSP and Gregor, would you go about your training normally or would you sneak a peek? Discipline or curiosity, which would win?

[flickr set=72157627376586259]

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  1. Riverabjj at 6:27 am

    Such a tremendous HONOR to share the same mats as these GREAT Champions, I’m very grateful to Master Renzo Gracie & my RG-NYC Family!!!

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