On Brazil’s Fathers Day, companionship between Rickson and Kron

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Rickson carries Kron after wining European Open 2009. GM archive photo.

This Sunday, August 14, Brazil celebrates its Fathers Day, and there’s no lack of examples of father-son relationships grounded in Jiu-Jitsu, or sons encouraged to train by their fathers.

My father, for example, would always say, “Son, if you’re going to do a martial art, go train with a Gracie. Jiu-Jitsu’s incredible!”

Wise words from someone who in my youth had me in awe for his boasting about being the king of side-control! I’ve been a black belt for some years now, and I’m grateful for his advice.

In the video below, on this special day in Brazil, there’s another example of father-son companionship based on the gentle art; the companionship of Rickson and Kron Gracie.

Check it out, and congratulations to fathers everywhere!

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