Cavaca celebrates submission and kicks off camp for ADCC

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Cavaca celebrates another win / GRACIEMAG archive photo

Rodrigo Cavaca had a night out at a nightclub and went home with another choke on his record.

The CheckMat Santos teacher, world runner-up this year, took on Roger Coelho in an undercard Jiu-Jitsu match at the July 23 MMA Conquest Fight event.

Cavaca elaborates:

“I managed to tap Roger out four minutes into the match with a lapel choke. The idea of putting together the match was Fabio Godoy’s and Bolado’s, the owners of the CFC promotion. They wanted to match two black belts who are well known here in Santos for a supermatch,” he comments, hinting that it might be a good idea for other MMA events around Brazil to do. Why not have a Jiu-Jitsu match to open the show and introduce the sport to fans, which used to be commonplace and has now become rare?

Cavaca continues: “It was a great event. It was held at the Vive La Vie nightclub in Guarujá. I’d like to thank the promoters of the event and my friends, family members and sponsors, who helped me train and went to watch the event.

Rodrigo never rests. Now he’s training hard with his teammates to sharpen up his Jiu-Jitsu for ADCC 2011.

“The team is in Santos training for the September ADCC. Michelle Nicolini and Léo Vieira are already here at our training camp, where we have physical conditioning coaches, nutritionists, and, of course, lots of Jiu-Jitsu. The camp will go on till September 19, when the two will travel to England for the grappling tourney,” he says in finishing.

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