The three reasons behind Tererê’s smile

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Fernando Augusto "Tererê", three passions and a smile from one of the most beloved black belts in the sport / Photo: personal archive

There are at least three reasons for the captivating smile of Fernando Tererê, in a photo he posted on Facebook:

1) His career has taken a turn for the better. With a clear mind and kosher body, Tererê is ever more sought after to teach his technique, as he will do at a seminar in São Paulo this Saturday.

2) In his personal life, Tererê is in love. And the Alexandre “Gigi” Paiva black belt and his girlfriend will be moving to England, the land of Roger Gracie and the 2011 ADCC, and where Jiu-Jitsu is on the rise.

3) Notice how Tererê is sporting the jersey of his beloved team, Flamengo – the soccer club is undefeated in the Brazilian domestic championship and yesterday had a barnburner of a game against soccer star of the moment Neymar’s team Santos.

Or in a nutshell, as Tererê himself put it: “Lots of training, plenty affection, and going to bed early.” Indeed good reasons to smile. Might all that lead to a triumphant appearance from Tererê at the next European Championship, in 2012, or – who knows? – the ADCC coming up in September? Long live Tererê, long live Jiu-Jitsu!

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