Evangelista and the title of faith, even with bunk shoulder

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Ricardo Evangelista against Leandro Lo in open weight semifinal at Rio Open / Photo: Gustavo Aragão

Ricardo Evangelista was stoked after winning the absolute division at the Rio Open

last Saturday, when he closed out with training partner Igor Silva. The fact he was unable to win his weight group (Caio Magalhães took the gold) didn’t matter much, if just because Ricardo fought with an injured shoulder.

“My left shoulder was injured and I overcame it. I lost at weight but because my opponent deserved it,” said the current Brazilian national champion.

“The good phase I’m going through comes down to hard training,” he begins. “The Brazilian national title motivated me even more for the rest of the season. I needed a gold medal from a major event, and my self-confidence improved. Training with Master Julio Cesar, my physical conditioning coach, André Ferreira, and the guys at GFTeam did the rest. I started believing I have what it takes to beat anybody,” he explains. (Watch the semifinal against Leandro Lo below.)

“The team affirmed its potential and won the Rio Open overall; the difference there was that we have top-notch training partners at all weights and belts. It’s a privilege to be able to train with Rodolfo Vieira, the best there is right now, and Igor Silva, Arthur Gogó, Renato Fraga, Theodoro Canal, Denilson Pimenta, Vinícius Marinho, Jake Mackenzie, Morcego…” he details.

“Now I have to take care of my injured shoulder and get back to training as quickly as possible. I want to keep my focus, compete at the Brazilian team nationals and next year be at the Worlds – this year I didn’t have the means to make it there, but next time I’ll be there,” says Ricardo, who open to teaching seminars (interested parties can contact him at evangelistajj@hotmail.com).

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