Durinho explains benefits of Ginástica Natural and dreams of ADCC

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Durinho with trainer Álvaro Romano in Vegas / Publicity photo

After the Jiu-Jitsu world title, the good times.

That’s what team Atos lightweight Gilbert “Durinho” Burns proved during his stay in Las Vegas, where he trained with superstar Vitor Belfort.

“It’s a pleasure to train with him, especially to work with him in preparing Vitor for his next UFC fight. I only knew Álvaro through GRACIEMAG, I only got to meet him personally here in the USA,” said the Brazilian, going on to detail the benefits of Ginástica Natural:

“Ginástica has been really important to me in both Jiu-Jitsu and in making the transition to MMA,” explains Durinho, who will be making his debut next week. “I feel really great before, during and after training. He teaches us a lot of great exercises, movements we do all the time during a fight. But what I like best is when he mixes everything and we go rolling, switching sides, spinning in a cool syntony, until ending up on our feet,” he explains.

“The thing I feel is changing most for me is my breathing. I always had endurance, but I’ve been feeling like I have a lot more endurance, and the whole time. It may not seem like a big deal but my training has been revolutionalized, since I’ve my post training recovery has been excellent, my flexibility has improved, and I’m moving a lot better,” says Durinho, who now dreams of showcasing his new form at ADCC 2011, an event for which he hopes to receive a last-minute invitation.

“I haven’t gotten a definitive answer yet but I’ve spoken with Guy [Nievens] and he demonstrated some interest in seeing me compete, but nothing is set in stone yet. I’m hopeful and I’ve been training a lot for my MMA debut. I’ll be in tip-top shape, so I’ll be ready in case an invite comes around,” he said in finishing.

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