Pre-ADCC, Paulão goes on spiritual retreat

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Paulão in photo by Leonardo Berenger (Ururau website)

A Jiu-Jitsu and judo black belt, Paulo Filho is one of the athletes invited to participate at the 2011 ADCC this coming September in England. Coming off back-to-back losses in MMA, Paulão decided to take a break. Until a few days ago, no one, not even his family, knew his whereabouts. But according to an article on the Ururau website, from the town of Campos dos Goytacazes in the state of Rio de Janeiro, that’s where he is.

At the invitation of fighter Rodrigo Riscado, Paulão is getting into shape at a training center on a property surrounded by nature, animals, and – to his delight – pitbulls, as well, of course, as all the facilities needed to improve his physical conditioning and technique.

“I like animals, woods, kids, peace and quite, and that’s what I have here that’s doing me good,” said the fighter, who will become involved in a goodwill project to teach children martial arts in the region.

Paulão in photo by Leonardo Berenger (Ururau website)

According to the article, Paulão will see action at the ADCC. On the episodes that pulled him from international events and brought about his latest losses, the black belt reflects:

“There comes a time in your career when people demand a lot of you. I didn’t have any time, didn’t set limits. I’ve reached a level of maturity in sport whereby I don’t care what the others think. What does it help if people think I’m tough and I think I’m a coward? I’d rather people think I’m a coward while I’ know I’m tough. I learned that it’s my opinion that matters and can bring about change,” he said in closing.

To check out the complete article (in Portuguese), click here.

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