Bronx’s win overturned

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Charles in photo by Josh Hedges

Charles do Bronx was putting on a virtuous performance against Nik Lentz at UFC 131 last Saturday. Moments before finishing, though, the fighter landed a knee to the face of his opponent, who had three limbs touching the ground at the time, making it an illegal move. While the event was still underway it was confirmed the result would be scrutinized.

So this Wednesday the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission announced that the result has indeed been overturned. That is, the bout ended in a no contest, with neither a winner nor loser. The curious part is that this winnerless bout was voted best of the night, earning the two participants an extra 50,000 dollars each.

Charles previously remarked about the possibility of the result being overturned, which he disagreed with, to

“The knee was not decisive. It got him in the eye and he kept coming at my legs. What decided the fight was the rear-naked choke; he continued normally after the knee; I didn’t do it on purpose.”

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