It’s Jiu-Jitsu time in London

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The Big Ben clock tower, one of London's main landmarks / Publicity photo

The Jiu-Jitsu World Championship, the biggest event of the IBJJF season, is now in the past. However, anyone thinking the governing body’s international calendar is at a standstill couldn’t be more wrong. The events known as Open Championships are picking up steam and won’t let the competitive flame go out in those who like donning the gi for some healthy competition.

The next one coming up, for example, is the Rio International Open from July 21 to 24 in Brazil, an event running concurrently to the traditional International Masters and Seniors.

Outside Brazil and the United States Open tournaments are gaining momentum too. On October 1 and 2, for instance, the London International Open is coming up, as announced by IBJJF kingpin Marcelo Siriema.

The most important city in England, a major cosmopolitan metropolis brimming with culture and among the biggest financial centers on the planet, London is a hotbed for sport too, whether for the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games or now for Jiu-Jitsu.

Some of top teams will be there, like our GMAs Gracie Barra London Bridge, led by black belt Eduardo Carriello, and Roger Gracie Academy, run by three-time absolute world champion Roger.

The venue for the London International Open will be the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. Get up to date on al the IBJJF events by clicking here.

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