Belfort works on ground game for Akiyama even in physical conditioning

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Belfort working hard with our columnist Alvinho / Photo: personal archive

Vitor Belfort will face off against Japan’s Yoshihiro Akiyama at UFC 133 on August 6 in Philadelphia, and he’s going balls to the wall in preparing for it. For example, he is doing his ground training with some of the submission wizards from Atos. World champions Rafael and Gui Mendes joined Gilbert Durinho, another world champ, to work with Belfort. Where physical conditioning is concerned, the “Phenomenon” is also taking the task at hand seriously, working out with conditioning coach and GRACIEMAG columnist Alvaro Romano.

Fourteen years have gone by since he oversaw all of Vitor’s fitness work in preparing to fight Wanderlei Silva at UFC Brazil, and now Romano’s services have again been solicited, to make sure the athlete will be in peak form.

“Vitor is someone who identifies with my work a great deal, mainly with the Ginástica Natural training for fighters. I was in Vegas this weekend and I’ll return for another season of major training,” says Alvaro.

“We’re reformulating several aspects of his training camp, which kicked off when he was here in San Diego for a week. Vitor is really quick, moves very deftly, and we’re just getting started,” he added.

Photo: personal archive

If one of precautions Belfort is taking is in the Jiu-Jitsu department, the subject is also being addressed in his physical conditioning work.

“In Ginástica Natural we use the body’s own weight to perform exercises. We integrated some equipment into the workout and we’re already working on guard pass-specific exercises, for example,” he said in closing.

Personal archive photo

Now if readers wish to do as Vitor Belfort does, practicing the exercises prescribed by Alvaro Romano, be sure to subscribe to GRACIEMAG for monthly Ginástica Natural lessons delivered to your home.

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