Kayron gets the tapout; Salazar captures four medals

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Kayron Gracie in Panama

Put together by our GMA Hector Vasquez, a major Jiu-Jitsu event went down in Panama this past Sunday. Among the standouts, Kayron Gracie made quick work of his superfight and Marcello Salazar went to town on the competition.

“I finished with a choke while passing guard early in the match, in under a minute. And the trip was awesome, Jiu-Jitsu is growing a lot here,” remarked the Gracie.

One of the IBJJF’s head referees, Black belt Muzio De Angelis was called on to arbitrate the bouts, and later reported back to GRACIEMAG.com on how it all unfolded.

In the other superfight, former UFC fighter Sam Hoger showed up for the event injured so he was replaced with Fernando “Soluço” Di Pierro, who readily offered to take on Cristiano “Furacão” Machado. After trailing by an early takedown, Soluço rallied back for the win.

The big name to arise from the event’s open weight division was BTT representative Marcello Salazar.

“He did something I’ve never seen before in Jiu-Jitsu in my life: he won four gold medals in one go. Salazar won at weight and open weight with and without the gi; he fought really well,” remarked Muzio.

“The event was really cool and the promoters are to be congratulated,” he said in closing.

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    • Atletasdepanama at 3:53 am

      Your GMA Hector Vasquez is a bad person, that nobody in Panama liked… The tournament was a shit… 48 fighter and 4 tatamis, and Hector in war with everything…

  1. Sylvio at 2:47 pm

    I saw he won Sergio Moraes at the Panamerican 2010,Kayron is an Athete!!!A champion,A Samurai,he borns to be a figther

  2. Atletasdepanama at 3:54 am

    Your GMA Hector Vasquez is a bad person, that nobody in Panama liked… The tournament was a shit… 48 fighter and 4 tatamis, and Hector in war with everything…

  3. Julio BJJ at 4:13 pm

    GMA hector is GB black belt and has the largest bjj academy in the country. Like in everything people become envious of success. You have to try and challenge your self to be better. Thats what he does. Kayron, Muzio, and Paulo Castro respect the competions in Panama and will be back again to help improve the bjj comp in this country

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