“New Gracies” in fine form in 2011

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Roger after win over Trevor Prangley / Photo: Esther Lin

Carlos, Helio, Royce, Rickson… There were a lot of names that put the Gracie family at the top of the pecking order for decades. With each new generation, new warriors take up the task of carrying Jiu-Jitsu and the Gracie name to new heights in the fight world – no easy task.

In MMA in 2011 some of the family’s younger representatives have done a swell job. They count six wins between them.

Roger Gracie – the greatest competition Jiu-Jitsu champion there is – was stuck sitting out the Worlds. In MMA, however, he did a fine job against Trevor Prangley at Strikforce, getting the tapout in the first round. On July 30 the black belt will face his next challenge, against King Mo.

Work in family: Igor cutting weight with Gregor Photo: Carlos Ozório

Now Gregor and Igor had two fights apiece. This year Igor submitted John Salgado at Strikeforce via arm triangle (check it out in the video below) and caught Quinton McCottrell by the neck at CFFC. Gregor had two appearances in Brazil and finished by neck locks on both occasions.

No treino de boxe com Mark Henry, o filho de Rolls Gracie afia os punhos. Foto: Luca Atalla.

Following a below-par performance at the UFC, suffering the only loss on his ledger, Rolles returned in fine form against Braden Bice. Just the way Helio Gracie liked it – also winning by neck choke, proving the younger representatives of the clan have not abandoned the essence and practice Jiu-Jitsu in the fenced-in cage.

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