Exclusive: Rickson training with Bruce Lee student Inosanto

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Last Sunday, June 5, at Kron Gracie’s Los Angeles academy had a training session of a special sort.

Focusing on in-depth study of the 50/50 guard, the session gathered the likes of red-and-black belt Rickson Gracie, Jean Jacques Machado, Thomas Magno, and a guest with an open mind and steel-cast body: a Bruce Lee student now studying under the Machado brothers.

Dan Inosanto, with his undying thirst for learning and training, watched on as Rickson delved into guard studies, learning a trick or two from the master.

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Among those at the festivities was our thick-skinned photographer John Lamonica. “It was a great day, lots of old stories remembered. A bunch of it went over my head; I regret not having learned Portuguese yet,” says Lamonica. “When Rickson demonstrated one of his techniques to Sensei Danny Inosanto, it was truly magical. Through Inosanto, it seemed like Rickson and Bruce Lee connected spiritually.”

At the end of the training session Rickson fastened a red-and-black belt around his cousin Jean-Jacques Machado’s waist.

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  1. numerrita at 4:04 am

    I want to see nrickson and matt huges, 10 minutes round, or no time limit. I already knows who is going to win this fight.

  2. Julito at 6:47 pm

    En este dia ha ocurrido uno de los hechos que nos muestra la belleza del Mundo que nos han ragalado; de una banda el Mestre RICKSON GRACIE , custodio del legado del GRAMDE MESTRE HÉLIO GRACIE , el Jiu Jitsu , de la otra GURO DANIEL ARCA INOSANTO custodio del legado de lo desarrollado por EL GRAN MAESTRO BRUCE LEE ; lo que no se daba crédito de que pudiera ocurrir se ha demostrado la calidad como personas una vez más ha deslumbrado, el encuentro de arte y conocimientos por parte de la Libertad del Jeet Kune Do y el Vale Tudo guiado por el GRACIE JIU JITSU de sentir Nativo Humano del Brasil ; como nos es necesario relatar un inventario de lo vivido por ambos dos, no es necesario más que estar allí y absorver la belleza de os chokes de energís en ese momento vertidos. QUE GRANDE LAS PERSONAS DE LAS ARTES MARCIALES, QUE GRANDE LA VIDA

  3. Markgenco at 5:24 am

    Truly a moment in history. I hope more of the meeting becomes more public. My Guro Dan Inosanto learning directly from my hero Rickson Gracie. Then to top it off, having Jean Jacques getting his red and black from Rickson?? That’s so awesome and a great display of honor and respect!

  4. Chris Kent at 1:04 am

    That is one of the things that I have always admired and respected about my former teacher, Dan Inosanto. Despite his vast martial knowledge he has always remained a perpetual student who never stops learning.
    Chris Kent

  5. Jamesbond007 at 8:07 am

    WOW!!! This is epic!!! Rickson is my favourite Gracie and is such a legend himself. Seeing him and Dan Inosanto blew my mind! Dan is truly inspirational.

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