“Stay, Rominho!”

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Every sports star, on saying farewell, deserves to hear a packed arena begging him to stay, to compete another year or two. When that star is Rômulo Barral, at just 28 years of age, the shout becomes all the louder – and appropriate.

Barral left his gi and belt on the mat after his final with Sérgio Morais yesterday, but he’ll still be hearing the that plea for him to rethink his decision. GRACIEMAG.com, once again, gets it started: “Stay, Rominho!”


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  1. Rafael Ellwanger at 3:08 am

    Romulo was in a half guard at the finals against sergio and the ref put them in the middle and from standing , instead of putting back in the same position.
    it is sucks when you lose a world title at black belt level because a bad referee decision!!!

  2. Mark E at 12:23 pm

    i hope romulo would change his mind. he’s one of the best fighters and very exciting to watch! please rominho, stay!!!

  3. Anônimo at 1:49 am

    Maybe there’s a relationship between a belt and gi left on the mat and how very little red and white was showing in the stands during that fight.

    This fashion, this everyone-for-themselves habit of leaving our teammates behind on the mat or finding other things to do on tournament day, has got to stop. Of course there is more to life than competition, and not every person needs to be a champion or even a competitor, but we do need some. They are the heart of the team and they support us by risking themselves physically in competition. If we don’t show loyalty and reciprocity by supporting our heroes while they are in the act of representing us, one by one they will wander away thinking (legitimately) that we won’t notice their absence. None will step forward to take their place, and the heart will go out of the team. Without the heart, the body and head cannot live for long. On the day there are no more public advocates for BJJ as a lifestyle, the win-at-all-costs mentality will triumph.

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