Royler Gracie speaks; Guy Neivens responds

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Royler Gracie issued an open letter addressing the events surrounding the balyhooed rematch between him and Eddie Bravo at the ADCC, directing some scathing criticism at the head of the organization, Guy Neivens. Guy Neivens swiftly answered with an open letter of his own. Check out what Royler and Guy had to saw. First Royler:

To all my Fans.

Here is the truth regarding my potential participation in an ADCC Super Fight: I received a call from my cousin, Renzo, who told me that ADCC was interested in having me participate in their September event. I told him that it would be a pleasure for me to once again compete for the ADCC organization. Renzo said that ADCC Vice President Guy Neivens would contact me to negotiate the terms of my contract, including the purse for the match. The following day, the ADCC website reported the match and several media outlets contacted me. I stated that it would be great to once again train hard for a grappling match and that I was confident that we would be able to enter into a contract. At that point no details had been discussed nor had I even spoken with anyone from the ADCC organization regarding this match.

Guy Neivens called me several days later to negotiate the contract terms for the match. In my experience, these negotiations are always confidential. The very next day, I was shocked to learn that Mr. Neivens had disclosed certain details of our conversation to the public. Perhaps Mr. Neivens was attempting to trick me into entering into an unfair contract? Regardless of his motivation, it is deplorable that someone working for Sheik Tahnoon would, in my opinion, behave in such an unethical, unprofessional and disrespectful manner. The Sheik is a distinguished man who has been instrumental in the growth of submission wrestling throughout the world. Mr. Neivens’ actions show, in my opinion, an inability to perform his duties as VP of ADCC and unworthiness to represent the Sheik.

Everyone knows that I am a fighter. I have never shied away from a challenge. Since I was 6 years old, I have fought hundreds of matches for free, just for the love of the sport. I have fought under sport jiu-jitsu rules, judo rules, submission wrestling rules, MMA rules and many times without any rules. I have faced opponents sometimes twice my size. Cowardice is not a word in mine or my family’s vocabulary. Throughout my almost 40 year career, I achieved the pinnacle of my sport, including seven world titles. When fighting in a professional event, after years of dedication, it is only fair and appropriate for me to ask for a reasonable purse that reflects my successful career in the ring and my unimpeachable conduct as a professional athlete. Everyone who knows me understands that I will show up to any event well prepared. This entails me having to stop teaching classes and seminars for approximately two months with great financial cost to my family and me. All I am asking is for the ADCC organization to cover these expenses. I am still confident that the Abu Dhabi organization will treat me with the respect that I have earned and will come through with this match in the name of all our loyal fans and supporters

Guy Neivens’s response:

In response to Royler Gracie letter Royler is a true champion of ADCC with an unbeaten three world titles to his name,a true legend.

ADCC goal since 1998 has been to promote Submission Fighting worldwide,having success now with Federations in more than fifty countries.A few months ago ADCC committee decided it would generate more interest in the sport to promote some veteran matches- Renzo Gracie and Mario Sperry is now confirmed,and the idea of a rematch between Royler Gracie and Eddie Bravo seemed a natural re-match.

ADCC secured sponsorship for the prize money for each fight $25000 however, it turned out Royler wanted $50000 just to appear plus the $25000 if he won,that would be $75000 for a senior grappling match!ADCC attempted to secure more sponsorship,until now with no success.Thereafter it was decided that we cannot offer more to veterans than we do to our current superfight contenders Jacarre and Braulio.It should be noted ADCC is a non-profit making organisation with the sole intent to make it a worldwide sport.However we would love to still see this fight go ahead.

Both Royler who has competed three times and thousands of other fighters who have competed in ADCC are aware there has never been any contract between ADCC and any fighter, it is a tournament attended by invitation or qualification.

ADCC will continue to promote the sport of submission fighting with the aim of getting the respect and support it surely deserves.

Guy Neivens

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There are 35 comments for this article
  1. guest at 4:01 am

    “if he won,that would be $75000 for a senior grappling match!” Yeah and probably the only match people would give a crap about.

  2. Killa at 4:42 am

    I think both letters were pretty tactful in their responses. It’s a “he said” thing so the details about the negotiations are not so clear. Regardless, I’m sure they will work it out with each other and make the match between Royler and Eddie pan out…that would actually be entertaining regardless being a “veteran” match. Something the grappling world would take interest in!

  3. Tylerbishop7 at 5:38 am

    Why reply with more negociation details when Royler has already said that this is unprofessional. This seems to be lacking in tack and curtosy. It seems as though they are trying to bully Royler into a contract he has never showed interest in. Lets be fair, the Gracie family is known for their bravery. This has nothing to do with the match or the challenge, it has to do with financial respect for someone who has earned it.

  4. Edwin Co at 7:54 am

    invitation is exactly that. If Royler can’t afford to train for 2 months to fight Eddie then he should just decline. Don’t be asking for more money as if the orgenization was related to the UFC. No doubt Royler is a professional. But this shouldn’t be about money. It should be about pride.

  5. Naturalbornfighter1 at 8:15 am

    I booked my tickets for Nottingham after ADCC put the fight on their Facebook page. The main reason was because of the superfight between Eddie and Royler. Notice the word SUPERFIGHT!! If it was just Jacare, Braulio and the others I’d just watch on YouTube. The veteran matches are the main attraction for many people. If their true aim is to spread the love of grappling then there is no greater match they could host in order to bring in the casual grappling fans. Give Royler what he wants, he’s earned it.

  6. asdg at 12:01 pm

    Royler’s earned shit. Its a rematch, no one is going to JUST watch him compete. Rather, this card is stacked. Is one fighter worth 75k from a non-profit organization?

    If Royler truely cared about his status, he would tap out Eddie Bravo at ADCC, Eddie has essentially made a name from himself from Royler, even Eddie admits it, now why doesnt Royler go and face him for the ‘EQUAL AMOUNT’ that is given to all other superfighters? Jacare has better bjj accomplishments in competition than Royler, yet he doesnt complain about the purse.

    Quit trying to suck up to Royler and look at this from an equal perspective. I know this is a ‘gracie’ magazine, but suckin ass isnt the way to find a neutral spot.

    “BUT HE DESERVES IT,’ and others on the card doesnt deserve it either? To cave in to demands because of a ‘name’ is a draconian way of thinking, a monarchy. If Royler wasnt a ‘gracie’ would he still deserve it? Heck I would rather see a lineage of Royler face Bravo, like Xande, super fight, so weight class doesnt matter.

    If he follows the martial way and not his pocket book, Royler would have accepted the terms and gone with the fight. His response to attacking a rep from ADCC has no merit, due to the fact it makes him look bad for the sole reason of money. Infact, Eddie Bravo broke his silence of this matter, not the rep. Eddie did an interview outlining the details. Royler has no honor, fight or stfu, you’re no better than any other super fighters on this card. If so, then i should call Jacare a ‘Gracie,’ because he fought allot of gracies and should be called for it. Thus Jacare could demand more terms and more money….

  7. dimitri at 3:57 pm

    When Carlson, Rolls and Rickson fought, they didn’t fight for money, they fought to teach and show their new martial art to the entire world.
    And Royler is not like he’s poor, or he can’t support his family for a couple of months, he just want more money, and in his conception it seems that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is more about money then it is about competition and sport.
    When you are presented with an offer you also get the conditions. If you agree you accept, if you don’t agree you turn down the offer, is not a big deal. Being a Gracie does not grant you the right to change the rules of one of the World’s most prestigious competition. Moreover, it is organized by a non profit organization which does not have any commercial purposes.
    Eddie Said that for him this rematch is not about money is about getting respect. In this manner Royler should have also think. This rematch should be an excellent opportunity to show that Eddie Bravo was lucky back in 2003.
    But it seems that Royler loves money more than BJJ itself.

  8. JustAThot at 5:58 pm

    There are many other factors that come into play other than time away from his academy and family. Royler is most likely in his late 40’s or early 50’s….what happens to his academy and family if he gets injured in the bout? That’s another 2 to 3 months away from teaching, etc. Besides, who really cares about the amount he’s asking for? Just because he asked doesn’t mean he’ll get it. I’m sure Royler fought for peanuts for the first 20 years of his life–why can’t the man enjoy the fruits of dedicating his ENTIRE life to the sport. These guys are athletes, they should get paid. I never heard of Tiger, Roger Federer or Messi playing a match for nothing…..I mentioned the best because Royler is among the best in the sport of jiu jitsu. If we want to continue watching top notch BJJ matches, athletes must be compensated for time, injury, mental and emotional loss, etc. and more so for an athlete of Royler’s age. It remains however unprofessional to discuss any business details to the public, specially when the details are not finalized–the fact that it is a non-profit should make the organization more professional.

  9. dimitri at 6:37 pm

    Is not like Royler would have fight for free. ADCC will pay 25k a fight which I think is enough.
    Does IBJJF offer prize money at the Mundial? No, so why are the best fighters in the world still competing?
    If Royler wants more money he can fight at World Pro.

  10. Abel at 9:39 pm

    The point is if both sides were in discussions then adcc should not have made any announcements till terms were finalized. I agree with Royler it was very unprofessional on their part

  11. BJJbrasil at 11:57 pm

    Royler deserves it. All good fighters aren’t cheap – especially Gracies. Was Jordan cheap when he returned to the NBA?

    • Total_ludacris at 12:40 am

      Deserves it? Eddie isn’t asking for nothing! How about roller show how much of a true legend he is and do the fight for free! Shit like this the graces pull is why they are less respected then 15 years ago, do it for the fight. It’s why they suck in mma and don’t even rule jiu jitsu anymore

  12. Jits man at 12:49 am

    The truth is Royler is a money hungry bitch, this cunt ain’t poor! Away from seminars and teaching ? Eddie is in the same boat but he’s doing it for respect! Why cant roller do the same and prove he actually is the better fighter, his shit don’t stink. Yes he is a legend but it’s shit like this that throws that respect out the window, same shit Royce pulled when he fought sakuraba, or like listening to rickson say he could beat fedor but won’t take on bas rutten, I want to see this Eddie fight, because let’s face it I truly believe royler would fucking lose, if he was confident he wouldn’t be trying to delay the inevitable

  13. Jits man at 12:49 am

    The truth is Royler is a money hungry bitch, this cunt ain’t poor! Away from seminars and teaching ? Eddie is in the same boat but he’s doing it for respect! Why cant roller do the same and prove he actually is the better fighter, his shit don’t stink. Yes he is a legend but it’s shit like this that throws that respect out the window, same shit Royce pulled when he fought sakuraba, or like listening to rickson say he could beat fedor but won’t take on bas rutten, I want to see this Eddie fight, because let’s face it I truly believe royler would fucking lose, if he was confident he wouldn’t be trying to delay the inevitable

  14. Rafael Ellwanger at 3:28 am

    royler is a great master and jits man is a sissy and probably facebook fighter .
    Respect royler gracie , royler and roger are the two gracies that fought every single big IBJJF competitions for years. So please think twice before you talk about a legend like that.

  15. flash at 10:36 pm

    Royler is Awesome but he is all about the money these days! He does deserve good money but it would speak volumes if he said ” you know what, I’m gonna do it for the lesser amount and tie Bravo into one of his famous shapes!”
    He wouldn’t say that cause he’s too respectful and he wouldn’t take the fight cause he wants more money!

  16. VoiceofReason at 10:39 pm

    If some of you curmudgeons had any math skill you could calculate that at his rate, Royler would have to be doing a minimum 7-8 seminars a month just to break even while taking off for the time it would take to prepare for this fight, and that assumes he doesn’t even have other things to do. Anyone who has ever promoted ANYTHING (fights or otherwise) knows that if you publicize your negotiations, people will not be dealing with you much anymore. Guy Neivens did just that. This is why negotiation is always confidential in promotion–because there are always poor nerds willing to jump up and cry that entertainers and athletes get paid too much money, despite the economics of the event working out perfectly and all parties (promoter, entertainer, fan) leaving happy and pleased with the experience…these same nerds still pay their admission to see the events go down. Negotiation is concealed from you for the very reason we are seeing this drama now…you want heroes but you don’t want to have to think about how much richer they are than you. Well tough shit.

    • xxx at 1:01 am

      Look retard, do you think that Royler does seminars EVERY weekend? Not even Renzo does this. He teaches for a living, so he can afford to train hard, teach and prepare himself for the superfight. I highly doubt he will see that kind of money in less than 15 minutes of his life.

      Now ‘MY’ voiceofreason states that the 25k US dollar will be ALLOT when converted to his currency in Brazil. I highly doubt he teaches every seminar in Rio for 100 US dollars a pop, no one can afford it.

      Overall Royler is being a faggot/douche when it comes to shit like this. Eddie wants to fight, to show his win wasnt a fluke, it is EDDIE who is riding the coattail of this win, which infact he made an entire living off of it. Eddie is the one who has to prove something, not Royler… Well, he did get his ass choked out, so maybe he might have to prove something.. Maybe, but nawww, he aint.

      Look, ADCC is an invitational by a rich towel head. No contracts what so ever. Do you think Roger Gracie, Jacare, Xande, Marcelo Garcia and other world champions are asking/demanding as much, much less having ‘contractual talks?’ You come, fight get paid. Thats it. What other grappling tournaments honor such a feat?

      Oww your attacking the ‘nerds.’ Have you even considered these nerds train bjj? Why would we even be here? I highly doubt we are coat tail nerds who jerk off in his moms basement while playing WOW and watching ADCC once every other year! We come here to learn about the bjj community and whats happening. We have heroes who we look up to, model and aspire to be (regardless of age difference).

      If Royler was a BJJ legend, he should fight simple. Just because he has a ‘Gracie” last name, doesnt make it a fucken right to demand such retarded stipulations. Heck did Renzo ask for allot of stipulations when he got his ass handed by Matt Hughes? NO! Renzo is a true warrior, he would rather go in, fight and go home as others admire him! Did Royce do this? NO! Royce fought at 178 lbs, catch weight. Come on son!

      Look its shady to even think that these wanna be Illuminati in the BJJ world to EVEN TRY TO control it! Infact, it all can be traced to Helio’s seeds, you know, the ones who claims to be the heir to bjj and what not.. Wait, its Gracie JJ. NM, sorry for messing it up!

      Renzo is a true warrior, who holds the bjj spirit, Roger is a true warrior who doesnt demand anything. While Royce roids up, and Royler tucks his cock between his legs and attacks the fight coordinator for ‘leaking’ the ‘negotiations’ of the ADCC bout. Which there shouldnt be any negotiations. You come, fight get paid. Simple as 1 2 3!

      Royler looks like a Cunt here and GLAD im from the Carlson lineage. We fight to get better!

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