Bernardo Faria: “Rodolfo didn’t annul my game”

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Bernardo Faria always makes his presence at championships felt by everyone around. There are two reasons for this: the high level of Jiu-Jitsu he wields and the intensity with which he celebrates his victories and mourns defeats.

Anyone who was watching on Saturday and Sunday at the 2010 Worlds remembers the copious tears streaking his face on Saturday, after losing to Rômulo Barral in the quarterfinals of the absolute division. By the same token, the joy emanating from him one day later, after winning the heavyweight contest, was equally memorable.

One of the big names of the new generation, Bernardo spoke exclusively to the GRACIEMAG at the Worlds Blog. During the candid conversation, the black belt answered whether the world championship title changed his life, bravely broke down his recent losses to Rodolfo Vieira, insisted that he’s not a one-trick fighter, and explained why he gets so excited with his matches.

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