Caio Terra: “I don’t complain about referees more than the others do”

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He doesn’t top 60kg (132lbs), but he tends to make quite a bit of noise both when he fights and when he speaks. At the 2011 Pan he caused quite a ruckus by mentioning steroid use, stirring up a controversy that echoed around the world in the days that followed. At the 2011 Worlds Caio Terra again wants to again be the center of attention, at least in the roosterweight division. But in doing so he’ll have to make it past a familiar adversary.

In 2008 Terra was crowned champion upon outpointing Yusuke Honma by 6 to 4, following a tapout win over Bruno Malfacine in the semifinal. In 2009 and 2010 Malfa dealt Caio comeuppance, with two narrow – and in the case of last year’s final, contested – wins. At the 2011 Pan, now as a light featherweight, Caio evened the score with his nemesis from Alliance, who still retains a 3-1 lead when it comes to world titles. They are surely on course for collision in Long Beach.

In an exclusive GRACIEMAG at the Worlds Blog interview Caio Terra spoke of his rivaly with Malfacine, rejected the reputation of being a whiner, revealed the secret to fighting well against bigger opponents, and put forth how he is preparing to pursue his second world title.

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