Will Minotauro be ready to soar at UFC Rio?

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Dr. Angela Cortes, Rodrigo Minotauro, Dr. Marc Philippon and Dr. Leandro Ejnisman / Photo: publicity

The fans were pleading for another big name to spice up the card for the August 27 UFC Rio event. And to quench their thirst, the promotion penned in Rodrigo Minotauro, one of the biggest MMA stars of all times. Minotauro is currently recovering from knee and hip injuries, as reported in issue 165 of GRACIEMAG. But there’s one lingering question: will Minotauro be ready and back to his old ways in time for the UFC’s historic return to Brazil?

According to information sent in to GRACIEMAG.com, Rodrigo Minotauro’s recovery is coming along at a good clip.

“Everything’s perfect,” said Marc Philippon, the doctor who performed the two surgical operations on the fighter in the United States. Accompanied by physiotherapist Angela Cortes, who is overseeing the fighter’s recovery, Philippon said he was “very pleased and proud about the recovery”, and after a checkup gave the green light for Minotauro to take flight come August 27.

One of the most well respected arthroscopic hip surgeons in the world, Marc Philippon officially gave the fighter the go-ahead on Monday the 16th, “unleashing the Great Monster” of Pride and the UFC for his return to hard training and in perfect shape to take on Brendan Schaub. Minotauro guarantees that the work to come will be focused on physical conditioning and combat training, as well as preventative physiotherapy.

Since January Mino has been diligently grinding out four hours of physiotherapy per day. From the looks of the medical prognostic, the crowd can expect a Minotauro at full force for the UFC’s South American return.

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