Marcelo Garcia called up for ADCC 2011

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Marcelo is on the way.

As Monday came to an end, Marcelo Garcia posted a rare tweet from @marcelogarciajj.

“I was invited to ADCC 2011today. Really anxious to fight,” he said.

The way is now open for a possible fourth encounter between Marcelo and Pablo Popovitch in the under-77kg division.

The score stands at 2-1 in Garcia’s favor, but Popovitch is the current champion.

As the days go by, ADCC 2011 is filling out with the greatest virtuosos of the grappling arts.

Stay tuned to for all the ins and outs and breaking news regarding ADCC 2011, and in August the GRACIEMAG at the ADCC Blog will start up again.

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  1. Jordan Burton, III at 11:12 pm

    Pablo Popovitch is fighting in the -88 KG division, not -77 KG. Pablo’s teammate, Vagner Rocha, is representing their team at -77 KG. If they (Popovitch and Garcia) fought, it’d have to be in the absolute division.

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